Bruno Lower El Classroom 1

Ms. Genie and Ms. Carolyn

Class Chores

It has been a week full of interesting lessons and a 40th Anniversary celebration..  The Lower Elementary students have been excited and full of anticipation. To help promote concentration within our classroom we rely on a daily routine that includes weekly class chores for each student. The class chore chart is centrally located for easy access.. Each student is responsible for a class job such as sharpening pencils, watering plants, or rolling work mats. The jobs rotate each week. Peace candle and bell ringer are two of the most popular jobs. At the end of each day it is truly remarkable to watch each student rise to the occasion and perform their part in taking care of our environment.  The classroom remains in a highly ordered state thanks to the students. Class chores promote independence, ownership and responsibility. Thank you for sharing your children with us.

Cultural Lessons this week included making Oobleck as a part of our study of liquids. In History the students finished their dinosaur research. In Geography students practiced map skill grids. In Life Science students learned about the six kingdoms. Students work in all areas of the curriculum each day during our work time.

   “Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.”  Maria Montessori

Ms. Carolyn & Ms. Genie

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Student Planning in Lower Elementary Class 1

We have established a productive daily work routine. Students can plan their day each day when they arrive. They use their work plan and their planning sheet to select and record their jobs to do for the day. They check their planning sheet for the next job as they complete a job. When your child plans their jobs for the day and records them, they commit to finishing the work during the work period. Accountability and time management are important concepts to learn at a young age.

Thank you to everyone who helped their child create a peace rock and sent it in. We have placed the rocks around campus to be viewed this Sunday during our 40th anniversary celebration. I hope everyone will come on Sunday. It is sure to be a lot of fun.

Ms. Carolyn and Ms. Genie

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The Importance of Movement

The Lower Elementary learning environment is filled with opportunities for movement. Children have the freedom to move during the work period. With that freedom to move comes responsibility. The movement must be purposeful. For example, a child walks across the room to choose a job. The movement must not interrupt anyone in the classroom. For example, a child should walk around a work mat rather than jump over it. The movement should serve the needs of the child. Some children need to move at more frequent intervals because of pent up energy. These children could choose to add movement to a lesson by setting up a work station on the opposite side of the room from the location of the job on the shelf. Extra movement is added while walking the extra steps to set up the job. Maria Montessori set up her learning environment to honor the needs of children. Movement can often be the top need of many younger children in the Lower Elementary learning environment. Days of sitting at desks would be intolerable for most of these children. One of my favorite quotes from Maria Montessori is as follows:

Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.”

Homework was sent home this week. It is also posted in Google Classroom. Let us know if you have any questions.

Cultural Lessons this week included a Montessori Great Lesson on the Timeline of Life; Birds Eye View of Maps; the Electromagnetic Spectrum, and a closer look at cells.

Timeline of Life lesson with Ms. Genie
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Our Morning Routine – LE Class 1

Can you believe that your child has been in school for a month? This group of students is motivated, caring and kind. It is an honor to be with your student each day. Thank you for sharing them with us!

We have established some important routines. Our morning routine is one of the most important because it sets the tone for the day. Arrival is from 7:30 to 8:15. The earlier a student arrives, the more time they have to unpack their backpack (put their folder in a basket, put lunch and water bottle on a shelf). After a student has unpacked then it is time to take out their work plan and set up a space in class. ( Each student can choose a work space. ) They bring a job to their work space with their notebook and pencil. Lessons are carefully recorded in the notebooks. Once the work space is set up and a lesson has been chosen, the student can choose between beginning the lesson or visiting with friends until the bell rings. At 8:15 a student rings the bell and calls everyone to our morning meeting. Students sit in a circle. The meeting starts with a peace ceremony. A designated student lights our peace candle and begins the peace greeting which is passed from student to student around the circle. The candle is blown out after the last student receives the peace greeting. This ceremony is an important way that your child can create and partake in a peaceful classroom. After the ceremony we go over our daily schedule which is written on a white board for students to view. Occasionally special presentations are given after reviewing the schedule. The Me Bags were presented during the morning meetings as well as a presentation on Maria Montessori and Creation Stories from different cultures. Students have the opportunity before our meeting is over to ask questions. The meeting concludes with a quick review of class rules during work time. Students are then dismissed and work time begins. Early arrival each day ensures your child will have enough time to set up their work space. Thank you for your child’s prompt arrival each day.

This week our Clock of Eras was presented in our History cultural lesson. Map projections were presented in Geography. Stellar Nucleosynthesis was presented in Physical Science and plant cells were discussed in Life Science. Students are continuing to enjoy joining with friends from classroom 2 during our cultural lessons. I have enjoyed getting to know the new students in classroom 2 during the cultural lessons.

Thank you to everyone who sent in the Science selection sheet for August. Your child will begin his Science Collection in September. The focus should be on one aspect of the collection. Your child should do research and fill out the Science Collection report which is due at the end of September. Feel free to reach out with questions.

Ms. Carolyn & Ms. Genie

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Week 3 in the Lower Elementary Class 1

This class is truly amazing. Everyone has an individualized work plan. They set their goal for completion and set daily goals for the amount of daily work. Students are motivated and focused. Our afternoon cultural lessons included a look at the Archeozoic Ocean, present day oceans and continents, animal cells and experiments with salinity and buoyancy.

We all enjoyed the Me Bag presentations. Thank you for supporting your child through the activity. Next week the science project is due. I know everyone is going to enjoy the presentations.

Thank you for diligently helping your child return their folder each day. The folders along with this blog and FACTS are the main channels of communication from Bruno Academy

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First Two Weeks in Lower Elementary Class 1

Our first two weeks of school have been a success! Thank you to everyone who attended the Orientation, it is always a recipe for success when you start the school year getting to know the teachers and school policies. Thank you! The first week, students enjoyed the ‘Getting to Know You’ activities that helped everyone learn friends names and something special about each person. We also came up with a Class Constitution as a group. The Class Constitution contains the student created class rules. Each student signed the Class Constitution. We also had some community building activities such as creating a group “chair” and creating a class “web” about our favorite subjects.

During our second week of school we introduced the new work plan and the lessons for each area of the curriculum. In the afternoons we started our Cultural Groups. Students are given lessons in History, Geography, Physical Science and Life Science. Students have enjoyed mixing with Class 2 for the cultural lessons.

Homework for the month of August was sent home. We also emailed information on connecting with Google Classroom. Homework will be posted in Google Classroom and sent home. You may submit your student’s homework through Google Classroom when complete. Feel free to email me or Genie if you have any questions. Thank you for your support.

Ms. Carolyn

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