Bruno Lower El Classroom 1

Ms. Genie and Ms. Carolyn

The First Week of February

February has arrived and the class is excited about Valentine’s Day. I have to admit Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday in the classroom. It is a time for each child to express their love and appreciation for each other. One of the fun homework assignments this month is to make a Valentine’s box for your child to collect school Valentines. Have fun with this project.

It is great to see students rising to the 5 jobs a day challenge. We are seeing more concentration and independent work throughout the class. The drive to school is the perfect opportunity to discuss with your child what jobs they plan on doing that day. Each day if they reach their 5 job goal they have the opportunity to do independent research on a topic of their choice. We have had some very inspiring research projects presented this year.

Lessons this week included an introduction to the types of sentences, converting cups, pints, quarts, and gallons in the study of liquid measurement, 2-digit multipliers problems using the popular checkerboard, looking for types of lines in the classroom, ordinal numbers and as always in-depth studies on parts of speech. Cultural lessons ranged from working with a water cycle model, examining the Fundamental Needs of Humans (a classic Montessori lesson), a close look at Nematodes, and a demonstration of fractures and folding of the Earth.

We hope you have a wonderfully peaceful weekend with your family.

Ms. Carolyn & Ms. Genie

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Last week of January in Lower Elementary

Now that we are into a routine after the holidays I wanted to let you know that we are encouraging and expecting each child to complete five jobs each day. All students have been given support with choosing a productive work spot in the room. All students have had a wealth of presentations and lessons which allow them to operate on their own for most of their work. Teachers provide support and encouragement. Students at this point in the school year are capable of completing a minimum of five jobs. Please discuss this with your student and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you to the Pederson family for an interesting and engaging presentation on the Lunar New Year. The class enjoyed the gifts from the Pederson family: a red envelope, an orange, and a special color sheet. Parent presentations are one of the important components of a Montessori Education. We are truly blessed to have such supportive parents at Bruno Montessori

We have been working hard each day this week. The class enjoyed a Montessori lesson on horizontal and vertical lines using the globe and a bowl of water. Vertical and horizontal lines and their position on Earth were of particular interest. We have also introduced standard liquid measurement using cups, pints, quarts, and a gallon. The class enjoyed pouring water and determining the number of cups in a pint, pints in a quart, and quarts in a gallon. We are also converting liquid units of measurement.

Our cultural lessons this week included an introduction to the water cycle, Earth’s fractures and folding, more calendar work on the days of the week, and a look at the phylum of Nematodes.

We have planted seeds for our spring garden and they are sprouting in the classroom! Due to the extreme cold in December, almost everything in our garden died. Everyone is looking forward to planting a new garden with both vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Thank you to everyone who turned in their homework for December and January. New homework will come out next week. All homework is sent home in the folders and a digital copy is uploaded to Google Classroom. As always, feel free to reach out by email if you have any questions or concerns.

Ms. Carolyn & Ms. Genie

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Peace in the Lower Elementary Class

  In our modern world, it is so easy to get sucked into conflict – online, on the news, with our family and friends. It is important that at a very young age, we begin to learn how to settle our differences and appropriately handle strong emotions.  Peace education is a major component of the Montessori classroom. Adults model peaceful and respectful behavior, and because Montessori classrooms are composed of mixed-age groups, older students serve as role models for younger children. At Bruno Montessori, we are blessed with an exceptionally beautiful environment.  We have a variety of beautiful trees, open fields, a pond, and plenty of vast open space.  This outdoor environment is oftentimes conducive to peacefulness.  Within the classroom, there is a peace table, at which two students can go to resolve a conflict, or a single child can go to calm down and feel peaceful. . At the Elementary level, when the imagination takes off, students enjoy role-playing and solving problems in small groups.  Each day in Lower Elementary begins with a peace ceremony.  A candle is lit and a quiet peaceful greeting is passed around the group.  We hope this sets the tone for the day for each student. Peace is very important in the Montessori learning environment.

We started off our week by having a class lesson on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A book of his life was presented and discussed. During our work time students had the opportunity to copy a famous quote in cursive. They also had a writing assignment on what they would do if they met Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Many students expressed inspiringly creative ideas.

Our cultural lessons this week included how to graph data from a science experiment, mountain ranges of the world, a continued study on calendars, and a look at the Annelid phylum.

“The prospect of true peace makes us turn our thoughts to the triumph of justice and love among men, to the building of a better world where harmony reigns.” Maria Montessori, Education and Peace 1949

Have a wonderful weekend.

Ms. Carolyn & Ms. Genie

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January 9 – 13, 2023 Lower Elementary Class 1

It’s been a relief to return to our regular routine and our first full week of 2023. Most six to nine-year-old students rely on the normalcy of a routine. Routines allow students to successfully predict what their day is going to hold. Reliability leads to self-confidence and self-confidence leads to growth. A daily routine is a necessity at school and at home.

This week we had many new lessons. First-year students were introduced to multiplication, the commutative property, and parts of a line. An introduction to rounding was presented to many students. We also had cultural lessons which included: a study on magnetism, a look at parts of a mountain, a study of calendar terminology, and a look at the phylum, Platyhelminthes, a study of flatworms.

Enjoy the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. See you on Tuesday!

Ms. Carolyn & Ms. Genie

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Our Last Week of December in LE Class 1

This has been a fun-filled week. We had a Christmas presentation by the Cross family. We had a class party and a fun book exchange. We ended the week with pajama day, watching Polar Express, and eating pizza.

We also finished cultural lessons on the parts of the river, Bohr’s atomic model, the history of Roman numerals, and a continued study of Cnidaria.

Thank you for the many thoughtful gifts. We hope you have a peaceful holiday break.

Warm wishes,

Ms. Carolyn & Ms. Genie

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A Busy December Week in Lower El. Class 1

Whew! We have had quite a busy week in Lower Elementary. Students were able to attend the Santa Shop this week to buy gifts for family members. They were all excited to work with the Middle School students to select, purchase and wrap gifts to take home. Thank you Middle School!! Students also spent extra time this week practicing for our Holiday Program with Mr. Jonathon. Thank you to Mr. Jonathon for all his dedication and hard work. I am sure everyone will agree the Holiday Program was a fun-filled success. We ended the week by attending the Birmingham Children’s Theater production of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. It was entertaining and well done.

Reminders for next week are:

*Thursday, Dec. 15 we will have a Christmas Presentation by the Cross Family. Afterward, we will have a class holiday party. Please send $5 to Catherine McElroy to cover the cost of the party. We are also doing a book exchange. Please send in a new wrapped book and label it from your child but not to anyone. We will play a game to exchange the book.

*Friday, Dec 16 is Pajama and Movie Day. Your child may bring a board game and wear pajamas. You may also order pizza for lunch through Ms. Genie. Please send $5 to Genie Gibson if your child would like pizza. Dont forget to return the permission form for your child to watch the movie.

Thank you for all your support.

Ms. Carolyn & Ms. Genie

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The End and a New Beginning

It was great to be back after a refreshing week off for Thanksgiving. Many students shared their Thanksgiving meal paragraphs with the class. It was fun to hear all of the different ways families shared a thankful meal together. We continued our cultural lessons this week. Parts of the atom were presented in Physical Science. Land and water forms were presented in Geography. The Montessori Great Lesson on the History of Numbers was presented in History. The students continued their look at the animal phylum Porifera in Life Sciences.

December is always a very busy month at Bruno Montessori. Here are a few reminders to help you keep up with upcoming events:

Our class time to shop at the store is Monday, December 5 from 10 to 10:30.

FROM MS. CARMEN:  on December 5th, let the children bring to school one well-cleaned boot or shoe to leave outside the classroom door at the end of their day.  I will have put an image of Nikolaus in the hallway, in each building, where the children are to leave their boot or shoe.  It is important that all the students will have their own boot or shoe.

Holiday Program Primary – Middle School students will be participating in the Holiday Program next Thursday, December 8th at 6:30 in the gym. We invite you to attend and enjoy all that our students have worked so hard on! Please have your child in their Lower Elementary class by 6:00pm.

Our field trip to the Children’s Theater is on Friday, December 9th from 9am to 12 noon. Please return your form and money as soon as possible.

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November in Lower Elementary Class 1

Cultural lessons these past two weeks included a Montessori Great Lesson on the History of Language. We also had cultural lessons on the scientific method, land and water forms, and the Porifera Phylum.

Lessons given to small groups included a grammar lesson introducing the article part of part of speech, adding fractions, comparing fractions, constructing polygons with the geometric stick box, using the checkboard for calculating multiplication problems, and a variety of word studies with homophones, homonyms, and homographs.

We have also been learning about Veteran’s Day and gratitude at Thanksgiving through the use of our November Scholastic Readers.

Thank you to everyone for sending in the incredible amount of food for our food drive (see photo below). This has been a wonderful opportunity for students to demonstrate gratitude for all they have been given by sharing with those in need. Your children are wonderfully kind to each other and show gratitude in the classroom on a daily basis. Thank you!

We hope you enjoy quality family time together next week.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Ms. Carolyn and Ms. Genie

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A Week of Fall Fun

We started our week with a celebration of Halloween. Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, and friends who turned out for our Annual Halloween Parade. It was a success. Next the students showed their costumes on line and read their costume paragraphs. The day ended with a Halloween party that included bingo, relay races and lot of other fun and games.

Our field trip to American Village was a success. The two week study before the field trip helped prepare us for the information shared by the staff in character at American Village. Chief Massasoit was the class favorite. The bus ride was of course the main event for many of the students.

We look forward to another fun week ahead.

Ms. Carolyn & Ms. Genie

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Our Last Week of October

It is hard to believe that we will be in November next week! We have had a busy week in Classroom 1. Our Cultural lessons this week continue to focus on Colonial Times in preparation for our field trip to the American Village next week. In addition, we are reading a historical account of the creation of the Mayflower Compact.

During our class work time, students continue to work at their individual level in each curriculum area. Group lessons were given on expanded notation, odd/even numbers, polygons, homophones, fraction number lines, and calculating missing addends in an addition equation.

Each student has the opportunity to read a library book at home and take an Accelerated Reader quiz on the book at school the next day. The book must come back to school the day your child takes the quiz so that we can locate the correct book online. Many times we need the author in order to locate the exact book your child read. The AR quizzes are a great opportunity to check for reading comprehension. Books selected must be on your child’s reading level. If you don’t know the reading level you can use their grade level as a starting point.


Next Monday your child should come in costume with the paragraph about their character. Also, make sure your child has a complete change of clothes since we will only be wearing the costume at the beginning of the day.

Tuesday, November 1st is our field trip. We will be leaving around 8:30 so have your child here no later than 8am. Send a sack lunch and disposable drink. Have your child dress for the weather with comfortable walking shoes.

As always let us know if you have any questions.

Ms. Carolyn & Ms. Genie

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